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Project Description

Live at Education Meta Web-Service is intended to abstract from several technologies that are included in Live@edu set of services.

This web-service helps to build platform independent applications that utilize SOAP-requests to LAEMWS.


EFMS requires .NET 4.0 framework. You can get it (and lots of other useful stuff) using Web Installer here: .


Soon will be published new version of EFMS with new architecture, samples and documentation. Main feature of this release will be multithreading operations for PowerShell and non-overloaded methods for PHP.

Latest updates

We have decided to rename LaEMWS to Education Fellows Meta Service. Currently product contains much more functionality than just PowerShell, EWS and SSO, and we plan to extend it with a scope of useful service connectors.

Don't forget to study Integration Conception powerpoint presentation (in Downloads sections). It describes EFMS architecture and also shows how to integrate with Live@edu at its most.


If you want to participate in development process, please, send message to this address:


The web-service official page:

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